The current version of FLO is 1.2.2 and was released on February 12, 2016. We strongly recommend to use the latest version.


  • FLO was developed to run primarily on Windows-based machines (Windows 7 or newer) and works best with large screen sizes and high resolutions (e.g. 1980 x 1024 pixels).
  • FLO requires MATLAB 2011a or newer.
  • MATLAB app installer file should work under MATLAB 2012b or newer.
  • FLO should also run under MATLAB 2011a or newer on Linux and Mac systems but this is not officially supported.

Software License

The software is provided ‘AS IS’. We take no responsibility for damages, problems etc. resulting from use of this program and we also provide no warranty for bug-free operation, fitness for a particular purpose, or the appropriate behavior of the program.

Please see the complete license agreement for more information.

You are free to make copies and run as many instances as required for your personal use, but no subsequent distribution of this software is allowed.

Software Download (v 1.2.2)

 Download FLO for Windows(developed with Windows 7/8 and MATLAB 2012b/2014a/2015b)
 Download FLO for Linux(developed with Linux Mint 17.3 and MATLAB 2014a/2015b)
 Download FLO for Mac(not tested yet; we are happy about your feedback)

See the changelog for what has changed.

Software Documentation

The manual file for the current version of FLO can be downloaded here.


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